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What is ECommergy?
ECommergy is a website for and by ecommerce entrepreneurs, featuring:

“Best of the best” articles, videos, and audios from across the web, hand-selected and curated by ecommerce experts.
Exclusive articles and other content, with new content added daily.
ECommergy’s powerful search engine makes finding just the information you need a snap.
Peer ratings and reviews.
Exclusive forum with onsite experts for FREE personal consultation (get your questions answered by real ecommerce experts)!
A variety of tools and features for organizing and managing your favorite authors, content, etc.
Powerful, business-changing articles
ECommergy delivers to its subscribers the best, hand-picked articles, videos, and audios to help your ecommerce business take flight! Whether you’re an online store or a brick-and-mortar business, ECommergy will supercharge your business with the perfect information you need to succeed fast, without wasting months or years painfully searching for answers, trying to reinvent the wheel. Following is a sampling of our content that will be quickly taking your business to new heights.

  • A step-by-step video on creating your own WordPress business blog.
  • Answers to your common startup questions, featuring Dustin Moskovitz, Cofounder of Facebook.
  • Everything you need to know about Cost-Per-Click advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • 50+ proven tactics to gathering followers and getting sales from your business blog.
  • 5 habits you absolutely need to successfully balance a growing business and healthy family life.

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Am Justine chongo hoods am a engineer by profession in Refrigeration and Air conditioning In 2017 I started searching for home business so I can find ways to be with my family and to be financial freedom

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