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How do you earn Rewardical tokens?

Localvantia purchase claim
promo code: 1228327

Localvantia purchase claim

EXAMPLE: You’ve just enjoyed a fine meal with your family at your favorite local restaurant. You pay for your meal as you would normally (making sure to get a paper receipt).

Upon leaving the restaurant, log in at, open the merchant’s profile page, and click the “Verify Purchase” button. Choose the “UPLOAD A RECEIPT” option.

Upload a copy of the receipt (as proof of your purchase) and complete the rest of the simple Rewards Claim form. The easiest way is to take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone. Tip: The website is mobile-friendly, so you can take your picture, then submit your claim form with the picture of the receipt quickly and easily—all right from your smartphone.

We now send the merchant an invoice (via email) for the cost of the Rewardicals due you for your purchase. As soon as the merchant confirms your purchase and the invoice is paid, you’ll receive your Rewardicals.

Localvantia point of sale claim
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Localvantia point of sale claim

EXAMPLE: You’ve just completed shopping at your favorite local grocery store. Before entering the checkout lane, log in at on your smartphone, open the merchant’s profile page, and click the “Verify Purchase” button. Choose the “VERIFY IN STORE” option.

The cashier informs you of the total cost of your groceries and you pay for them as you would normally.

Hand your phone to the cashier. The cashier will enter the amount of your purchase and the merchant’s payment confirmation code number and then hand the phone back to you.

We now send the merchant an invoice (via email) for the cost of the Rewardicals due you for your purchase. As soon as the invoice is paid, you’ll receive your Rewardicals. Alternately, merchants can choose to set up their account with Auto-Reward. If Auto-Reward is in place, you’ll receive your Rewardicals instantly, literally before you walk out the door!

Triplclicks Daily Crown Drawing
promo code: 1228327

TripleClicks Daily Crown Drawing

The Daily Crown drawing (at awards over 35,000 Rewardicals to 285 lucky winners each day. All Rewardicals won can be instantly redeemed here at the Exchange.

There is no purchase necessary to play. Just one play of any Eager Zebra game each day (including any free entry game) earns you a free entry in the Daily Crown. Plus, dozens of additional free entries can be won playing Knockout TriviaZackjack, or Grandmaster Poker.  For ways to attain free TCredits for free game entries, click HERE. Some restrictions may apply.

Winners are chosen by random. Each day’s Daily Crown drawing winners will be published on the WINNERS page after midnight CT each day. All prizes are automatically awarded to the Member’s Rewardical account within 24 hours. Notifications will be sent to the Member’s registered account email address. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her email account for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to this drawing.

Limit: Maximum of ONE win per day, and a maximum of TEN wins in any 30-day period.

Localvantia Online Shopping Partners
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Online shopping partners

You can also earn free Rewardicals shopping online at our sister site,, and at hundreds of additional online stores being added now. Browse available online stores HERE. Rewardicals for purchases at online stores are deposited into your account upon order verification.

Here are the steps to collect your Rewardicals for purchases at our online partners:

1. Go to the Member Center.

2. Click the “Make a purchase claim” button.

3. Select the online partner store where you made a purchase, enter the order total and order number (you’ll typically receive this number in an email receipt from the vendor or it may also be provided at their website upon submitting your order) and submit your claim.

4. We now send the vendor an invoice (via email) for the cost of the Rewardicals due you for your purchase. As soon as the invoice is paid, you’ll receive your Rewardicals. Alternately, vendors can choose to set up their account with Auto-Reward. If Auto-Reward is in place, you’ll receive your Rewardicals instantly upon submitting your Claim Form.


Business owners, fight back!

It’s a fact: Online shopping is more popular than ever and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. And it’s local businesses who are being hurt. Across the land, the “online onslaught” is putting local sellers out of business. At Localvantia, we help local businesses, the businesses that are often the backbone of our cities and towns, fight back!

Not only can Localvantia help you thrive and grow, it’s FREE to join, and you can start generating new sales TODAY.


Business owners, Localvantia can help you…

new customers
more exposure
repeat sales
customer loyalty
marketing strategies

Sign up today for FREE and begin enjoying these Localvantia benefits immediately:

 We currently have nearly 7 million members and affiliates worldwide. As a new merchant, we’ll automatically notify all our members and affiliates in your area that you’ve joined the Localvantia network and encourage them to become one of your customers! Likewise, when you have sales or special deals, we’ll automatically put the word out to Localvantia members in your area to help you continually generate new sales!

 As a business owner and/or manager, you already have enough to do. Localvantia provides you with powerful tools to create coupons, special offers, and more, and then promote them far and wide. Quick, simple, easy…and at no cost to you! Increase awareness of your business through the search engine (and gain an edge on your local competitors not yet in Localvantia).

 Build customer loyalty through Localvantia’s unique, built-in customer rewards program that lets your customers choose the reward!

 Avoid getting lost in the clutter of international search engine results (e.g. Google) for larger businesses. Localvantia is focused exclusively on spreading the word to the LOCAL community, people who will show up at your store or use your offline services.

 All your customers can join your free Localvantia customer list–allowing you to send group emails to your customers quickly, easily, and at no cost to you! It’s a great way to keep your entire customer base up to date on special deals, sales, new products, and more.

 Exclusive sales and activity reports help you fine-tune your customer strategies and maximize revenues and profit.

 Boost word-of-mouth in your area about your products and services.

 Being listed in the search engine makes it easy for potential customers throughout your area to find you when searching for businesses like yours. Searchers can not only easily locate your business, but they also have your essential information at their fingertips, including your location (with map), contact info, hours of operation, current specials, customer reviews, and much more.

 Do you have a website and/or sell online, too? Being listed in the search engine can mean additional online sales for you, too.

The Catch!

There has to be a catch, right? Right. One and one ONLY, and we’ll always be fully transparent and up-front about it. When a Localvantia member makes a purchase at your business—and ONLY when you’ve secured a purchase—we’ll invoice you for the cost of the rewards points they’ll be receiving. The cost to you? We’ll leave that up to you, but it can be as little as 1% of the sale (excluding taxes).

Example: On a $35 purchase, your cost to secure that sale is as little as $.35. Just 1% for a guaranteed sale! We defy you to find any other advertising or marketing service that delivers guaranteed sales for you at a lower cost. Spoiler alert! We’ve looked, it doesn’t exist.

And not only is Localvantia the least expensive way you’ll ever find to bring in new and repeat customers, it’s also the easiest and friendliest program of its kind in the world. Sign up today for free with no obligation. We’ll immediately start promoting your business to our members in your area, and we’ll make available to you all of our FREE, cutting-edge, business-boosting tools, too. If we don’t get you results or we’re creating more sales than you can handle 🙂 …just opt out, no questions asked, and without so much as a penny spent. Yep, that’s how confident we are that you’re going to love being a part of Localvantia!


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