2019 African Localvantia,The powerful New Program

Localvantia, the powerful new program
for local businesses,will help you…
•Attract new customers and sales
•Widen your customer base
•Bolster and strengthen customer relationships
•Incentivize maintain customer loyalty
•Identify best marketing strategies to maximize your profits

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Sign up free today and start enjoying the benefits listed above immediately.PLUS,

1.Your customers can instantly start earning Rewardical™” your choice”reward
token swith each purchase at your store!Learn more at Rewardical.com.
2.You get unlimited free access to Localvantia’s powerful suite of exclusive
business booster tools!
3.They have currently have over 8million members and affiliates world wide.As a new
merchant in the network,They’ll automatically notify all our members and affiliates
in your area that you’ve joined Localvantia and encourage them to become your
customers and start earning Rewardicals too!

Rewardical is a new kind of loyalty program that will help you…

New sales
Generate new sales and widen your customer base

Repeat sales
Incentivize repeat sales from existing customers

Customer loyalty
Bolster and strengthen customer loyalty

We get you orders or you pay nothing

Online storeNot only can Rewardical help you thrive and grow, it’s FREE to join, and the ongoing cost is as little as just $.05 per dollar on all orders generated. And that’s for GUARANTEED orders. You pay nothing unless we’re generating orders for you, so there’s zero risk! There’s also no ongoing obligation, no contracts, and no “gotcha!” fine print. We get you orders or you pay nothing. It’s truly that simple.

Rewardical is also the easiest loyalty program ever (great for your business even if you already have an existing loyalty program, by the way)! Getting started basically requires submitting your website URL and choosing a participation rate. Our simple rewards claim system then tracks all orders, presents you with a list of orders for you to verify, and delivers all earned Rewardicals directly to your customer on your behalf. Remember, if we don’t get you orders, there is no cost.

Start FREE today…and your first 1000 Rewardicals are on us!

Yes, sign up today FREE and begin enjoying all the powerful benefits listed above immediately! And to really sweeten the pot, the first 1000 Rewardicals earned by your customers are on us. That is, you can join today and start generating new customers and new sales and it won’t cost you anything! If after 1000 Rewardicals you’re not totally delighted, just walk away, no-questions-asked…but with our sincere thanks for giving the Rewardical loyalty program a look!

Here’s one more BIG reason to join today:

We currently have 8.5 million members worldwide. As a new merchant in the Rewardical network, your e-commerce site will automatically be promoted to our most active members, highlighted as a new seller in our search engine, and more.




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