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Zambia’s First Mobile Based Digital Investment Service


Zambia’s First Mobile Based Digital Investment Service.

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About Patumba

Patumba is Zambia’s first mobile based digital savings/investment service. Anyone can save/invest as low as K1 from thier mobile phone for a minumum of 91 days.

Let your money grow

Whether you are saving for your child’s education or your retirement, you can get more for your savings on Patumba.

Achieve your financial goals

Patumba can help you create a solid foundation for your future

Get more from your money

Take advantage of Patumba’s tax-free and high interest rates

Invite someone and benefit

Get 10% commission from your invitees for the first 91 days.


How to Invest

As a registered mobile money subscriber, you can access Patumba Services through the various Mobile Money short codes.

Zambia online business inc

Simply dail the following on you mobile device:
Airtel MTN Zamtel *778# *303# *344#

Zambia online business inc

Accept the Terms and Conditions available here and select your prefered investment option

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