How to Survive The Zambian Economy Without Losing Your Mind

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  1. Cut Unnecessary cost (seek to reduce your expenditure as much as possible and seek more ways to increase your revenue).
  2. Create multiple streams of finances (have more than one source of income).
  3. If don’t really need it, don’t spend on it.
  4. Associate with people who will add both financial and intellectual value to you not the kandile types.
  5. Minimize your movements, only move if it adds value. There is no place more comfy than the confines of your home.
  6. Don’t spend to please people around. You amake the money alone and you suffer the real struggles lone (There is no shame is saying I can afford that).
  7. Save as much as you can (this will help you take advantage of opportunities that arise unexpectedly).
  8. Invest ad much as you can (discover what you can use to make money. This can even be a skill).

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Am Justine chongo hoods am a engineer by profession in Refrigeration and Air conditioning In 2017 I started searching for home business so I can find ways to be with my family and to be financial freedom

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